Jumping in a sack

Mentor/Author Profession School and City
Mirije KurtishiTeacherP.S. Naim Frasheri – Tetovo
Student’s team1. Gresa Veliu
2. Era Selmani
3. Lejla Rexhepi
4. Liza Lutfiu
Age of children for whom you suggest to play this game7th grade

Game Instructions – Steps and rules for the game

Goal of the game: Learn to stimulate students and with game to learn about NATO.

Students playing with a ball in the school yard suddenly saw four white balloons with envelopes pinned to the window, each with a capital letter N, A, T, O.

They were surprised and were thinking if they are magical envelopes, and when they approached the envelopes, they found that inside them there is a question for NATO.

The students began to discuss what they had heard and what they actually knew about NATO.

Gresa suggested her friends to play a game about NATO.

The girlfriends didn’t know the game, so Gresa tried to explain the rules to the game. In fact, they will get into a sack and jump to where the envelopes are attached to the balloons. Whoever gets there first will open the envelope, answer the question and explain.

So they did, played and gained new knowledge about NATO.

Each of them answered the other questions on the envelopes.

Finally happy and pleased they took the balloons and made a wish and all students finally together gave a message concluded: “NATO brings peace and happiness”. Students together let go the balloons to fly into the sky.

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