Mentor/Author Profession School and City
Jelena MandikClass TeacherP.S. Vuk Karadzidz – Kumanovo
Student’s team1. Andrej Dodevski
2. Klaudija Mitrovska
3. Teodora Kolevska
4. Anastasija Kolevska
Age of children creating the game3rd, 4th and 5th grade
Age of children for whom you suggest to play this game8+ years

Game Instructions – Steps and rules for the game

In the game follow these steps:

-Every player chooses one color figure.

– The purpose of the game is to have the most accurate answers to the quiz questions offered.

-The game is started by the player who throws the dice to get the highest score.

-At the beginning of the game, each player is entitled to 3 attempts.

-There are 32 cards in total, some of which are bonus cards if one of the players scores a draw.

-The player draws one card from the offered and reads the instruction in the form of a mathematical task.

-On the cards are written directions on how the figure moves, starting with a number of offered numbers denoted in squares 1 to 70 in the direction: up, down, left, right, diagonal top left / right, diagonal bottom left / right for a few numbers. -After getting the exact number with the figure, then below that number looks for the question of the proposed NATO questions from 1-70.

– Reads the question aloud and tries to answer.

-If the answer is correct it is marked with a plus in the table, if it is incorrect with minus.

– Finally the results are summarized and who has the highest number, ie the most correct answers is the winner.

– If the result is tied, bonus questions are drawn and the results are summed up.


Players can answer 3 to 6 questions.

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