P.S. “25 May” – Skopje, Elma Shaqiri VIII

In my opinion, NATO is a big army which has a goal to guarantee freedom and security for its member states through political and military means.

I’ve heard many times that NATO is an international military organization. NATO consists of 29 countries, and some of them are: Albania, Bulgaria, Germany, Denmark, Greece, Italy, etc.

NATO headquarters is located in Brussels. During the war with Kosovo where Albanians needed help, NATO had intervened and helped many Albanians, and most importantly, NATO guaranteed their freedom, security, and their rights. Since that day, Kosovars are very grateful to NATO.

The most frequently spoken languages of NATO are English and French.

Elma Shaqiri, grade – VIII
Municipal Primary School “25 May” – Hasanbeg, Skopje
Mentor: Teuta Haskaj Vojnika

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