P.S. “25 May” – Skopje, Hedije Alija IX

NATO, or otherwise, North Atlantic Treaty, is a military block, which was formed on the 4th of April, 1949, with the support of the USA and England, and had a capitalist ideology.

The goal of this international organization is to protect the states from various dangers, such as: occupations from other countries, wars, etc. NATO derives from the English language (North Atlantic Treaty Organization).
This organization does not protect just its member states, but also those that are not part of it.

It protects them, while they are expecting future membership from North Macedonia and others.

In my opinion, if this organization had not existed at all, there would have been more conflicts all over the world.

I hope this organization never collapses.

Hedije Alija, grade – IX
Municipal Primary School “25 May” – Skopje
Mentor: Teuta Haskaj Vojnika

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