P.S. “25 May” – Skopje, Merva Ameti VIII

NATO is an international military organization whose activity affects the stability and the well-being of the member nations and beyond.

There are many collaborations and projects with the member states of which our country is a part of, thus deepening the exchange of materials, cultures and other goods.

NATO consists of 29 countries among which is developing cooperation, development and modernization of defense and security.

NATO headquarters is located in Brussels, and the most commonly used languages are English and French.

Kosovo is the one that separated from Serbia, because the Albanians were without rights and NATO saved the Albanians from Serbia. Albanians were unemployed, they were not allowed to educate themselves, and so they were without any rights. Thanks to NATO, Albanians in Kosovo are together with all their rights and they are free as well.

Thank you NATO – the great army.

Merva Ameti

Grade VIII

Municipal Primary School “25 May” – Hasanbeg, Skopje

Mentor: Teuta Haskaj Vojnika

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