P.S. “25 May” – Skopje, Mineta Bajrami

What is NATO?
My name is Mineta Bajrami, and I am a fourth grader at Municipal Primary School ‘’25 May-Hasanbeg” I have prepared a paper about NATO and I hope that my country will be part of it.
NATO is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and also one of the biggest international institutions in the world. This organization was established by signing the North Atlantic Treaty, on the 4th of April 1949, based in Brussels. It is a political and military alliance, which consists of 29 countries from Europe and North America. These countries meet to consult and cooperate in the fields of security and defense. For this, NATO secures a really unique link between these two continents for cooperation, politics and security.

NATO tells us and teaches us.

People’s protection. We often take it for granted that we can walk freely in a safe and economically stable environment. Security in all areas of everyday life is key to our well-being.
Strengthening partnerships, establishing dialogue and operations are crucial to relations of mutual international peace and understanding.
NATO provides a unique opportunity for member and partner states to consult on security issues to build confidence, and, in the long run, help to prevent conflict. Through practical and innovative cooperation, multilateral countries are posing security challenges.

Combating new threats.
As the nature of threats changes, so must the methods of establishing peace. Once again, NATO is orienting its defense capabilities towards today’s threats. It is adapting forces and developing multinational approaches to negotiate over terrorism prevention, failed states and other security threats such as weapons of mass destruction.

Building peace and stability

The benefits of stability can be enjoyed by many parties. It is crucial to stabilise regions where tensions threaten security. Therefore, NATO takes an active role in crisis- management operations, and in cooperation with other international organizations.


NATO is unity
NATO is security
NATO shows us justice
NATO gives us peace

We benefit from NATO
It gives us freedom
NATO is an army
that works for justice.

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