P.S. “Koco Racin” – v. Ivanjevci, Mogila, VI grade

Not that long ago, in a not so far away land, there was a kingdom. Everybody in this kingdom was happy, had a nice life and respect for each other. The king was good, just and wise. He had a daughter named Freedom. Freedom was very pretty, but also very wise for her age. She often gave advice to her father in his decision making. Her eyes sparkled with kindness and mercy. Life was good in this kingdom and everyone could envy that well-being. The good life and happiness were well heard of across all lands. 

Good news spread fast, so this reached a group of envious people who decided to go to this kingdom and see for themselves.

Couple of days of journey and they arrived at the kingdom, awed by the beauties of it. One day they met Freedom, so beautiful and kind that they decided to kidnap her, but the streets were full of people so they withdrew and started planning how to do it.

Luckily, a man from the kingdom heard them and ran to tell the king. The king was very scared. He didn’t know what to do with so few soldiers in his army so he decided to hide his daughter in the neighboring kingdom hoping to keep her safe there.

But her beauty and kindness were impressive and the intruders soon found out where Freedom is and went to the neighboring kingdom.

Do you wonder how big the army of the neighboring kingdom is? Will it be able to protect Freedom?

No. This king lived peaceful life and never needed a great army, except for several guards at the gates, for welcome. So the two kings had no choice and together with Freedom, they escaped in the third kingdom of their friend- king, hoping that maybe he will be able to protect them.

 But, it was the same situation once again.  

 So, what was Freedom’s father to do? He contemplated until he came up with an idea…

Fortunately, his friends-  the kings of the second and third kingdom liked his idea about secret union of the three armies right away.

Yes, together they will be stronger and defeat the intruders!

The following days they prepared in secrecy and the intruders, not knowing about the deal among the kings, were easily defeated by the united army with great defense plan..

So, Freedom went back home and lived happily with her father, and from that day on, all kings started joining this idea so that no intruder ever dares to attack them.

Taught by this story, many countries today unite their armies to defend from attackers and defend their Freedom!

Today, 29 “kingdoms” are allied to preserve freedom and good life through the organization called NATO!

Leonid Jankovski , Andrej Parevski VI grade  12 years old.                            

Primary School “Koco Racin” v. Ivanjevci, Mogila

Mentor: Mihajlo Kostov

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