P. S. “Marsal Tito” – v. Murtino, Strumica, Tomce Petrov – 10 years old

NATO or the North Atlantic Alliance, sometimes called Atlantic Alliance or Western Alliance of 29 countries, is an international security organization created by signing of the North Atlantic Treaty on April 4th 1949. According to this treaty, the main role of NATO is to protect the freedom, common heritage and civilization values of its nations, based on the principles of democracy, individual freedom and rule of law. The Alliance is a trans-Atlantic link of Europe and North America as one defense and security unity. In this context, NATO provides collective defense for all its members since 1949. It also operates as a crucial forum of consultations on security matters of its members and a pillar of the peace and stability in the Euro- Atlantic region.

Tomce Petrov – 10 years old

Primary School “Marsal Tito” village of Murtino, Strumica

Mentor: Verka Urdovska  

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