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Safety in our daily lives is key to our well-being. Often, we take for granted the fact that we are able to walk freely and safely in our environment. Freedom is the most important thing in everyday life, for which many wars have taken place in the world.

During the First and the Second World War the world suffered great losses both in human beings and in the astonishing destruction of the material goods. After the end of the Second World War an Alliance was formed in order to protect the world from the evil, wars and disagreements between the countries.

As a result, on the 4th of April 1949, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization was established, known worldwide under the name of NATO, based in Brussels. North Atlantic Treaty Organization – NATO for short, is a Pact of 29 Northern American States and Europe. Originally, the treaty was signed by 12 countries: Belgium, Netherlands, France, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Denmark, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, United States of America and Canada. In the later period, many other countries joined the North Atlantic.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization or NATO, was established to guarantee the freedom and security of its members, peaceful settlement of disputes, the prevention of conflicts, and the collective military protection of its member states.

The organization has created a collective protection system as member states have agreed to protect each other in the case of an external enemy attack. All NATO member states recognize the fact that an armed attack on one of the members of the Organization considers it as an attack to all other members because it is their duty to protect any member state.

Basically, the main role of this Alliance is to preserve the freedom of the state members and to protect them
by military forces.

It also encourages consultation and cooperation with non-NATO countries in a wide rage of areas related to security, such as defense reforms and peacekeeping. Through consultations with its partners, NATO contributes to preventing conflicts inside and outside member states’ borders. It urges democratic values and is committed to resolving disputes peacefully.

NATO is committed to protecting its members through political and military means. It also urges cooperation and consultation with non-participating countries, where peace and security issues are addressed. This does not mean that NATO only helps to those countries which are members of the Alliance, but, as it is the strongest organization in the world it successfully resolves the disputes of their non-member countries to prevent armed fighters.

NATO’s duty is to help everyone, both military and politically, to mediate for resolution of disputes between parties in conflict.

NATO promotes values in the political field and enables members to consult and collaborate on defense and security issues to resolve problems, build trust and prevent conflict in the long run.
Each member state has a permanent delegation at NATO’S political headquarters in Brussels. The North Atlantic Council is the principal body, chaired by the NATO Secretary General.

The Council elaborates all issues, problems and dissatisfaction of each member state. NATO’s flag and emblem symbolize peace and security.

This is some background on the history, organization and the useful work of the Alliance. But as a student myself, I have some desires and demands that haven’t been met by the Alliance yet, though I think it had to respond to many conflicts and wars.

One of them is the Syrian War, which has been going on for years, and no one takes action to stop it. Why no measures are taken to stop it?

The question about the conflict that began almost seven years ago and is likely to continue, certainly has one or several answers.

A long-lasting conflict, thousands of victims, diplomacy that fails to find a solution, many actors and factors on stage.

The Syrian War is an ongoing disaster that has involved almost the whole world.
Some countries have taken action to stop this conflict, which has involved many people around the world. But how can the biggest Alliance, whose primary purpose is to prevent wars and to resolve problems peacefully, not respond to such a conflict? This is a matter of concern to all mankind. Would the conflict be stopped if NATO were involved in resolving it?

The war on Syria must end. Every day there are many massacres and inhumane violence. A large proportion of the population is dying and no one takes measures for this situation. Many are killed, mistreated, raped, persecuted, executed, disappeared, exterminated. They are not aware that human life is the most important thing, and that every single person has the right to live freely.

We want and we pray that there will be no civil disasters and city destruction. The smoke from rubble, weapons, missiles and bombs, pollutes the air and destroys our environment and the living conditions. The amount of clean water is constantly decreasing, the plant and animal world is endangered and disappearing, the air is polluted, and so on. These great, harmful, unwanted, self-destructive evils must be prevented and stopped. For all these fatal evils the only culprit is man.

Preventing the factors that put our lives in danger is the most important thing for mankind. We all must engage, hope and believe that these things that destroy life on Earth as well as our Planet, will be diminished and stopped in the future.

Save our environment and Planet, fill it with peace, prosperity, happiness, harmony, love and safety! We do not have a spare Planet!

Made by: Kimetka Ramizi
Mentor: Besart Bojku
Municipal Primary School ,,Murat Labunishta”,Labunishta, Struga

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