P.S. “Naim Frasheri” – Tetovo, Gonxhe Aliu

I am very small to say great words about this military force which is a power that protects people around the world who lack freedom or justice, so they can live freely on their lands where they were born and where they have their memories and history.

I don’t want to make this long, so the place where my people live is called the Balkans.

I want to stay on this land where the historical destiny has crisscrossed many cultures and many nations over the centuries, which to me are like many flowers blooming in the spring, whose scent spreads all over, and whose nectar turns into the honey of life, that prevents many bees from enjoying it. 

Just like in the American land, which I watch many times on television, where all human races can be seen, so in my country, many people live and look for forever-lasting happy lives, where destiny brought them together over the centuries. 

Therefore, this force to me is like the rays of the sun, which revitalizes life on earth and everywhere on the globe. God has given to each of them a happy and free life accordingly to the language traditions that they find between families who educate them to be the pride and happiness of all.

That’s why I wish this army had life, that there would never be slavery between us, just as the nations of the West are united into one army, so can we, living on this earth, for a happier and more prosperous future.

Student: Gonxhe Aliu

Age: 10 years

Mentor: Nizija KamberiMunicipal Primary School “Naim Frasheri” – Tetovo

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