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NATO reminds me of flags and love.
Sefora Mehmedi(10years old)

NATO brings happiness
Amela Mamudoska(12 years old)

NATO is a big shield.
Filip Srezoski(10 years old)

I think that NATO is a family where everyone is equal and united. NATO is a big group of people protecting each other, fighting together and celebrating together. NATO is a large community where everyone takes care of each other.
Sara Kostadinoska (10 years old)

NATO is the firm home of twenty nine members of one family. I wish that my homeland becomes the thirtieth member of this family. When you have a big family it means you have strength, security, harmony.
Antionio Joveski (10 years old)

NATO to me means HELP
Nerima Redzeposka ( 10 years old)

I imagine NATO as a big solid wall, made of rocks and that wall can’t be brought down by anyone. I think of NATO as freedom and protection
Hadisa Kereloska (10 years old)

NATO is a flag in many colors!
Nedzmija Jasaroska (10 years old)

NATO is a new big country and it is a home for everyone.
Anastasija Bogojovska (9 years old)

NATO is a sky that is nice to look at. Sometimes it is cloudy, but mostly it is clear and bright. I think of NATO as a rainbow, full of colors
Elmedina Arifoska (10 years old)

NATO means power.
Anifa Fazlijoska (11 years old)

NATO is plurality!
NATO is happiness!
NATO is protection!
Sara Rustemoska (10 years old)

Mentor: Cvetanka Srbinoska

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