P. S. “Slavko Lumbarkovski” – Novaci – v. Dalbegovci

Thoughts: NATO is a brand of lamps.

Attitudes: My mother told aunt Lile that there were porcelain, crystal and plastic lamps in a store, so I think there should be a “NATO” lamp too, just my mom forgot to mention it to aunt Lile.

Expectations: Next time that aunt Lile comes, I’ll tell her about the NATO lamp and because I had a very hard question today, but I gave the best answer in the class with a lot of thinking-  yay for me.

– Eleonora Stojanovska, 9 years old.


Thoughts: NATO is cussing.

Attitudes: My dad is watching TV and playing cards with friends. When they mention NATO on TV, talk something about NATO, my dad’s friends cuss. The teacher says that cussing is obscene and it’s not a good thing to say.

   My dad says that I shouldn’t care what “NATO” is. My teacher said that she will tell me after everyone writes down their answer. Me…I don’t know what “NATO” is.

– Viktor Grozdanovski, 9 years old.  


Thoughts: NATO is a book

Attitudes: I saw a book titled “NATO”. But I don’t know if it’s poems or a novel. We learn at school about novels and poetry so I don’t know what exactly it is.

Expectations: I will look up the book “NATO” at the library to see and know whether it is poetry or a novel and to see what “NATO” actually is.

-Hristijan Najdovski, 9 years old.


Thoughts: NATO is a giving hand.

Attitudes: We should all give to the poor. The hands give away everything we don’t need.

Expectations: If I need something I won’t give it away.

– Jasmina Zlatevska, 9 years old.


Thoughts: NATO is a horse.

Attitudes: People ride horses to win at races.

“NATO” runs to win and hang out with everyone- that is what my grandfather says. But I still don’t know what NATO is exactly. I heard that it runs….but what that is, I don’t know. That’s why I think it’s a horse.  

Expectations: I’ll ask so that I learn about it and next time I know what to answer.

– Vladimir Grozdanovski, 9 years old.


Thoughts: NATO is a cross.

Attitudes: I think it’s a cross because I heard that something needs to be crossed out….I don’t know exactly which words were used that I should have remembered, so that I know exactly what NATO is.  

Expectations: Next time when they talk about it, I will be more careful so I’ll know the right answer.

Bojan Karanfiloski, 9 years old


Thoughts: NATO is a plane.

Attitudes: I heard it on TV the the plane “NATO” bombs cities and countries, I don’t like that so I beg “NATO” to stop doing that.

Expectations: I hope that it will make my wish come true and won’t bomb anymore so that all the children in the world are happy.

Darko Gorgievski, 9 years old


Thoughts: NATO is a satelite.

Attitudes: It commands some countries through the satelite and it wants to include our country too, through the satelite.

Expectations: I hope that our country will be included in that satelite and we will all be happy.

Bojana Karanfiloska,  9 years old.


Teacher – Ana Angelkovska

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