Pair “Question – Answer”

Mentor/Author Profession School and City
Agapi CunkoskaClass TeacherP.S. Nikola Karev – Krushevo
Student’s team1. Mihaela Stefanovska
2. Konstantin Bogdanovski
3. Ivana Blazova
4. Filip Janakieski
Age of children creating the game9-10 years
Age of children for whom you suggest to play this game8-11 years

Game Instructions – Steps and rules for the game

The game is played with cards made by the students with the help of a teacher mentor. There are 29 cards made of the NATO member countries. On each card on the back, says NATO. The front side on 14 cards have questions, and the other 14 cards have answers. The questions are about basic knowledge of NATO.

Resources required for the game:

-Throwing dice
-29 made cards of which one is empty, 14 have questions, 14 have answers

Starting part of the game:

Every student throws a dice. Find the student who has the least number and starts dealing the cards. The dealing of the cards goes 4 times by 1 card.

Game flow:

Each student receives 4 cards. Each student is tasked with finding a question and answer in their 4 cards. If no one has a pair, draws one card from the other cards. The one who finds a pair puts his hand on the table and above the cards. The one who shows the first pair is the winner. If two students have a pair, the one who shows the pair and knocks first is the first, the other who puts the pair above the first is second… The game is repeated.

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