Pirate quiz

Mentor/Author Profession School and City
Bisera Petrovska ArginovskaClass TeacherP.S. Todor Angelevski – Bitola
Student’s team1. Mihaela Ristanoska
2. Andrea Simonoska
3. Petar Krstevski
4. Ivana Vlkanovska

Game Instructions – Steps and rules for the game

The working surface is a sea of elements reminiscent of an island. Boats featuring a pirate are used as pawns. Each player selects a guide card to move the boat, ie, to find each picture on the playing surface, which corresponds to the instructions on the guide card. The game starts from the field where START is written. After the player has placed the ship in the appropriate field, he/she opens the field, under which there is a question on NATO to which the student should give an appropriate answer (the questions are from the manual “What is NATO”). If he/she puts the boat in the correct field and answers correctly to the NATO question, the player goes on and on, an if the answer is wrong – goes back to START and a new player starts.

The game continues this way until it reaches the end, where the NATO flag is to be raised as a sign of victory. The questions and instructions are appropriate for the age of the game participants.

Elements of the game:

• A playing area with picture fields corresponding to the instructions on the guide card, according to which the player should move the ship, and under each field there is a NATO question to which the player must answer;

• 4 boats that the player has to move across the playing surface;

• Guide cards featuring educational questions on how the player moves the boat across the sea to reach the hidden treasure;

Rules of the game:

The game has a guide to make sure the rules are correctly implemented

Each user selects one map

Everything starts from the START field

The player has to find the appropriate picture of the instructions given on the map and answer correctly the question under each field on the surface and its NATO-related,

If the player makes a mistake, goes back to the START

The winner is the one who reaches the end and raises the flag.

With this educational social game children have the opportunity to:

• repeat daily teaching content;

• gain knowledge and become familiar with the meaning and opportunities offered by NATO, that is, to break all stereotypes;

• demonstrate their creativity, knowledge and ability to present in front of a larger audience;

• gain new knowledge through play.

• have fun;

• control their own emotions and feelings;

• develop a competitive spirit.

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