Steps towards NATO

Mentor/Author Profession School and City
Biljana IvanovskaProfessorH.S. Metodi Mitevski – Brico – Delchevo
Student’s team1. Magdalena Ivanovska
2. Goce Adziski
3. Bojana Simovska
4. Tamara Trichkovska
Age of children creating the game17 years
Age of children for whom you suggest to play this game15+ years

Game Instructions – Steps and rules for the game

The game consists of a board with 58 fields.

There are 29 different NATO-related questions in 29 of the fields (29 is a symbol of the number of NATO members).

The rest of the fields have years when the countries became members of NATO. This game requires at least 3 players and the number of maximum players is unlimited. Each player starts from the START, using a dice to set their symbol for as many fields as on the dice. (As a symbol you can have metal coins, bottle caps and other small items according to your creativity).

When a player comes to a question field, he/she pulls the sheet under the field and reads the question, if the question is answered correctly it moves for one field forward, but if he does not answer correctly, the player moves for a field back. The answers to the questions are with the player controlling the game.

In some of the fields where no questions – years have been written. When the player steps on that kind of field, should answer which member country has become a NATO member in that year. If not, it stays in the same field, and if it does, it goes one step further and it chooses whether it will answer the NATO-related question or not.

In this game the players do not eliminate each other i.e. in the same field can be more players.

The one who first reaches the goal is not the winner of the game, but the winner of the game is the one who will answer the most questions. That record is kept by the player that has the answers to the questions. In the classroom it can be the teacher.

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