The colored cube “NATO”

Mentor/Author Profession School and City
Aleksandra IvanovaClass TeacherP.S. Dimche A. Gaberot – Demir Kapija
Student’s team1. Atakan Munadzev
2. Melek Kurtova
3. Sibel Kopova
4. Miroslav Peshikj
Age of children creating the game9 years
Age of children for whom you suggest to play this game9 years

Game Instructions – Steps and rules for the game

The teacher together with the students make a paper cube of different colors, with six sides. Each side has its own pocket. There are two heart shaped petals in each pocket. On one sheet there is a question written and that sheet is not bent, and on the other one the answer to the question is written and that sheet is bent. So in all six pockets there are two question and answer sheets.

Four students sitting next to each other, each tossing the dice once and each one taking out from the pocket on top of the dice, the paper which is not bent. It reads the questions that is written aloud and tries to answer one of the options offered. Then the student pulls out the bent paper and checks the answer. Then the teacher puts new questions in the pockets. Each student throws three times. The one student who will answer the most questions correctly, that student is the winner of the game.

(The game can be repeated with all students in the class).

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