Mentor/Author Profession School and City
Vesna JovanovikTeacher of InformaticsP.S. Dimche A. Gaberot – Demir Kapija
Student’s team1. Marija Ristova
2. Marija Jovanova
3. Ivana Najdovska
4. Danica Simitchievska
Age of children creating the game14 years
Age of children for whom you suggest to play this game9-18 years

Game Instructions – Steps and rules for the game

-The game can be played by two to a maximum of 4 players at a time. Each player chooses what kind of pawn to play with (there are pawns or flags of NATO countries to choose from).

-The game is started by the player who with throwing the dice gets the highest number (1-6), places it on the Start field and throws the dice once again, moving as many fields as he/she received by throwing the dice. The next player is the one who gets the next highest number by throwing the dice at the beginning.

-The player who stands on the field where there is a flag of one of the NATO countries draws a card with questions about NATO, if the player has the right answer earns the right to throw a dice again, if not answered correctly the goes the next player. *Whether or not the answer is correct, each card has a card answer with correct answers to the numerical questions.

-If the player stands on a field that is already occupied by another player, he / she removes from the game the player that stands on that field. Because it has the advantage of throwing out a player, he/she does not throw the dice again but is the next player’s turn.

-A player who has been knocked out of a field can only come back in if he gets a six with two throws of the dice.

-If a player stumbles onto a field where there is water, slides down and goes one level below in the game; If the player stops on a staircase or highway – rises up and has the advantage of being able to throw a dice once again.

-The winner is the player who first reaches the circle with the symbol of peace in it (a pigeon with a twig). Other players can continue the game for second and third place by choice.

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