We play with NATO to have fun with bro

Mentor/Author Profession School and City
Ivana VitanskaTeacherP.S. Hristo Uzunov – Drugovo, Kichevo
Student’s team1. Viktorija Siljanoska
2. Dimitar Daniloski
3. Emilija Daniloska
4. Dimitar Karafiloski
Age of children creating the game9th grade
Age of children for whom you suggest to play this game4th – 9th grade

Game Instructions – Steps and rules for the game

The group of students uses a dice that each player throws individually and answers the corresponding question with the number that is on the dice, and then the coordinator of the game checks with the corresponding number to determine if the questions are answered correctly. The one who has the most correct answers is the winner!

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