Who is the first

Mentor/Author Profession School and City
Agapi CunkoskaClass TeacherP.S. Nikola Karev – Krushevo
Student’s team1. Leona Jankoska
2. Blagoj Hristoski

Game Instructions – Steps and rules for the game

The game is played by two students. A paper post is being made asking questions about NATO hidden in shells. The questions are about basic knowledge of Nato. And another shell with a spare question. Under each question there are circles like a path. Under one shell there are 6, under another 5, under third 4, then 3, 2 and 1. Under the reserve one there is no number. On the side there is a sheet of paper written on student 1 and student 2, on which the correct answer points are written. Each question earns 3 points.

Resources required for the game:

-a throwing dice

-6 shells with questions

-1 shell with reserve question

-a sheet of paper on which the points are written.            

Starting part of the game:

Every student throws a dice. The student who has the least number by throwing a dice first answers and chooses a question

Flow of the game:

The first student picks a question by throwing a dice. It opens the question, it answers the same. If the question is answered correctly 3 point will be written to that student. If the student doesn’t know the answer, the other student answers – if the answer is correct the student collects the points. That’s how you play until all 6 questions are answered. If both students have the same number of points, the reserve question is opened. This determines the winner of the game, who is the first. This game is like a quiz. The game is repeated.

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